"Thanks for leaving such an impact!  I cannot express how indebted we are to Maria.  My son has made incredible progress since working with Maria.  Prior to meeting Maria, Marco had a limited vocabulary, speech was inaudible and he had a low tone issue which caused him to have excessive drooling.  With her hard work and dedication she put Marco on the right path.  Currently Marco has an extensive vocabulary and his drooling has subsided significantly.  This is in no small part due to the support and patience of Maria.  Maria is a great therapist as well as an incredible caring person.  She has given us the foundation needed to move forward with his new therapists at school."

-Rosaria Conenna

"I can honestly say that Jennifer Friscia and Danielle Recchia are two of the best speech and occupational therapists I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  My son was diagnosed with Autism before he was 2 years old and he wasn't speaking until Jen joined his team.  Little by little his language began to flow and I final got to hear those words every mother dreams of hearing the ones I was terrified he would never speak, "Mama."  Now, his vocabulary is filled with thousands of words and we can't get him to stop talking!  His sensory issues were also so significant that he was stuck to my side all day and night, trying to get the input he needed.  With Danielle's knowledge and expertise in this area, she implemented a sensory diet which changed the way he lived on a daily basis.  He became more relaxed an more at ease.  Here we are three years later and we continue to use the techniques that she has given us each and every day.  I am telling you that my son would never be where he is today if it wasn't for these two amazing ladies.  I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure of knowing them, an forever grateful for the opportunity to have had them work with my child.  If you have the same opportunity, you would be remiss to pass it by."
-Dana Tafuri

"Not only is Maria well-educated and experienced, but she is a compassionate, energetic, humorous and empathetic person.  She worked amazingly with my daughter's speech and feeding needs, taught me tools to use at home and helped put my mind at ease that my daughter would be okay.  I will be forever grateful to Maria for her professionalism, skills, and love."

"We used Ms. Jennifer for my son Daniel's speech therapy.  She was able to come to the school to see Daniel every week without interruption.  After each session, Ms. Jennifer would inform me of the progress that he was making and let me know how the session went.  She also provided us with a written report of each session that we could pick up after school that explained the lesson and gave suggestions on what to work on at home during the coming week.  The teachers reported that our son was always happy to see Ms. Jennifer, and that she was very professional and helpful when speaking with them about ways to encourage him.  She always responded to any questions I had promptly and was very positive throughout the whole time she was working with us.  We saw progress in our son's speech starting after the first few appointments.  After six months of weekly sessions, Daniel was transformed into a boy who speaks normally for his age.  We feel that being able to give our son the quality of Ms. Jennifer's patience and guidance made the difference in him and his speech.  She was a great help to our family and made a huge difference in our sons life."
-Bella & Barry Evans

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