Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellence in speech, language, and feeding therapies as well as occupational therapy to the pediatric population using the most up to date therapeutic techniques and strategies within a vibrant atmosphere.  We ensure that our families will learn effective strategies to support their children in Hitting Milestones, and surpassing their goals.


At Hitting Milestones we pride ourselves on taking a team approach to therapy.  We collaborate with family members and other professionals to create, and achieve common goals for each child.  We value the importance of looking at each child as a unique individual regardless of their diagnosis.  Children learn at their own pace, and in their own way.  Our therapy is based on finding each child's individual strengths and using those strengths as building blocks for progression. 

Milestone: A point in a chain of events at which an important change in development occurs.

We will help your child succeed one milestone at a time

Providing services to children in Monmouth & Middlesex Counties, and the New York area

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